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1. No applications necessary, people. Just join and post!

2. Characters from every version of the Office are welcome here. U.S., U.K., whatever. Everyone's welcome.

3. Don't hate on characters from another version of the series. We're not here to argue about which one is better, we're here to roleplay and to have fun.

4. Since this is a dressing room, we welcome doubles, triplets, quadruplets, whatevertuplets of every character -- both OU and AU. There may very well be multiple people playing your character. If you don't like it, then you should consider finding somewhere else to play.

5. Once again, this is a dressing room so just about anything goes. Play/plot as you please, but if you have an idea for a community wide event, contact the mods first. : D

6. No drama. Keep OOC problems out of the dressing room. If you have a problem, feel free to discuss it with the mods.

7. No godmodding/powerplaying/doing something without the other mun's permission.

8. Tag. Your. Entries. :|b

9. Here's the deal with explicit content. If it is something you would not see it on the show, put it behind a cut and label it NSFW.

10. Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions? Contact a mod!

11. Have fun! : D

12. We have an ooc community! Check it out. officedr_ooc

Chris (Head Mod)
AIM: xhatxsanx
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